Monday, 18 November, 2019

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Camp and Show Review


Sardines - Sleepiness - So Happy !

Meeting Friday at 6pm we headed off for our 2nd Camp of the season at Batley Bulldogs. After a bit of negotiating we managed to get the floodlights so we could rehearse into the small hours. Recapped the 1st tune, then started tinkering with the 3rd. A great improvement in the end, bit of stress sorting but it all adds to the fun.

Finishing around 10pm we headed for refreshments and pizza & chips. Quick quiz and Helen did a cross word for the kids but was too tight to hand out the prizes!

Saturday morning came too early. After sleeping on a rugby tackling thingy, I needed a shower to try and unfold the kinks in my back. Strolling for breakfast it looked like Northern Star had turned up - I'm sure the pictures will end up on Facebook ! We had visual in the morning and achieved plenty weaving Josiah and Liam in. After lunch (the chilli is always delicious) we spent time playing & marching. The weather had been kind holding off from giving us a soaking. By the end of the day we did two full run throughs and were very tired, but had done plenty of changes and made some real progress.

Sunday, competition day and a good buzz about the Corps. We had a good problem, the coach was full, 49 seats and 52 passengers! So we added a car and we were off. The worlds must grumpiest driver (complaint lodged!) had joined us however it all added to the enjoyment. Having done plenty the day before we reserved energy and did a march through in about 20 minutes. It all was looking good as the day was soon warming up, and us Queensbury folk were starting to melt (esp Trev the ginge).

Onto the back of the field we were last on, and for some reason I was a bit nervous. Only one full days rehearsal since the last Competition, plenty of changes and 2 new people added, maybe I wasn't nervous for myself, it was everyone else. We started well and the stand gave great a sound, I really like the venue (great burgers too!). Couple of hiccups in the show, brass did a false start on the drum feature, few problems with the brass missing releases, however taking all the circumstances we did a full on show and it was an excellent effort.

I was confident of a top 2, I thought we could kiss good bye to the brass trophy, however feedback from the staff was the show and drill looked excellent and the drums + pit also had a good show. Now to the comedy commentator who called us a football team and many other things, also forgetting to announce captions, and telling us we'd won brass before he announced it, all adds to the occasion! Once again it was between us and Warwick for 1st place, pleasing to say despite the mistakes we pulled off an excellent victory, well done everyone. I always treasure a win as you never know when you next one is coming.

We worked really hard all weekend, everyone was there and got on with the task in hand. A great finish to the weekend and I spent all Monday slurping the coffee :) Next stop Midland Impact….

By Oliver

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