Friday, 15 November, 2019

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Revolution win 3 out of 3 !


Revolution competed in the 3 competition and the final one of the 1st half of the season. We hit the ground running at Batley (much to my amazement) and have kicked on from there.

This week we had a stadium (and were not 1st on for a change!) In the picturess Barnsley we managed to nip onto the show field and have a good rehearsal in the morning.

Going back to the cars we checked uniforms and had 1 missing, after a bit of a debate Josh made the dash back to Queensbury (story to follow)

We watched Halifax who did a good performance, (Josh back at Queensbury) then went to warm-up (still no Josh who was on the M1). Plenty of time, the sun was coming out, and I was wondering how long we could drag out getting on etc.

We used our extra 5 minutes, luckily like wacky races, Josh returned suited & booted with less than a minute to spare :) Phew!

Onto the show field and rather than give a tune by tune account, overall it was full of energy, stamina was much better and the changes all worked, one a little rough but this will come - at least we tried it now and not in September against 6 bands!

The biggest challenge of the day was motivating the Corps to not think they'll walk it after winning the first2, I was very pleased we played and didn't ease off. Upton would pass us with ease if we gave a average performance.

We marched on with Halifax which was a good sound. Come the results and Upton got the 1st couple of trophies which always raised the tension, luckly we pulled it back to win 5 out of 7 again - phew!

Josh was rather keen to win turnout, we missed it by 1 point, should of gone for jeans & t-shirts !

The bit I really enjoy is playing off after another WIN, we had an increase in score and very pleased. Much to my fustration a couple of bands used a beat to march off, however it wasn't in tempo and very off putting.

Trophies lined up and pictures taken, a well capped victory and a great day, what will the 2nd half bring (apart from Mr Soup & Liam)?

By Oliver

scouts - be prepared...