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Show Report - 1st Show


Show Report - 1st Show

Written by Oliver Richardson.

Past member Guy said, 'see you in 3 weeks' to which I replied 'why what's happening'.... 'it's BATLEY!!. The Show wasn't finished, the music not memorised and we'd hit a brick wall with progressing. More importantly I hadn't reliased it was 3 weeks away!

Stood on the rugby field up top (3 weeks to go) we hoped to play & march more of the show, but ended up recapping. Then it was the bank holiday and no rehearsals. I was starting to panic and get more stressed.

Extended rehearsals, the guard had started doing Wednesdays and I'd started practicing at home daily as I wasn't enjoying not knowing my music.

The Sunday before (7th) Helen filmed the final run through, it was a spirited performance, however members were coming back saying if looked ruff and in my own mind I could see the issues.

Friday night (12th) arrived (day before the Show) and we had a good rehearsal in terms of cleaning and the music was getting stronger. I knew in my own mind we'd come on leap and bounds since the Sunday, but was it enough?

I always say with a fresh sets of heads, as long as you build on the previous rehearsal it will spring forward. Sat in the pub Friday night I knew in the back of my mind if everyone sparked it was for the taking. I firmly believe we can 'turn it on' for Shows (thats does't mean we can't for rehearsals) it just means we have the edge with the Uniform on.

I managed to get the field at Batley (thanks Mark), positve pre-show rehearsal with a  couple of timing issues sorted with the stand and I was confident. We did a full run which a little birdie told me whilst the judges were having a briefing they stopped to listen - cool.

Uniform on and business as usual, good warmup and onto the back of the field. I told the Corps to go out and have no regrets - and boy we did !

The music sounded confident, the show was flowing and more importantly the crowd was really responsive. As we came to the end of 'Song of the Quays', the heat was on and a voice came from the crowd 'keep it up'.... The final piece sparked and we had plenty of energy.

Marching proud off the field we knew we had given an excellent spirited performance, parents clapping and instructors smiling, I wonder what the judges thought?

Listening to the tapes, sounded awesome from GE, but on the field you can hear the cracked notes, stamina - which you expect as the first show. Come results and it was tense, captions read out and we got brass, drums (woop!), guard and a musical effect. So it was all to play for, then Mark announced the scores and they couldn't of been closer!

2nd...... Warwick (58.56)
1st....... Revolution (58.61)

We were ecstatic to say the least, what a great day. That's us undeafeted for the 1st Show of the season for the past 3 years.... can we keep it up?

Local Newspaper article

Next stop Upton.

By Oliver

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