Saturday, 24 August, 2019

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Corps Director
Oliver Richardson

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Emma Arnett
Musical Director
Pete Denton


Show Annoucement


Show Annoucement

A Journey: For Treasure
Revolution invite you onto their journey, for Treasure! This years production is based on a tale of pirates, with that extra special Revolution Twist.

Part one - Treasure Island
Taken from the tale "Muppets Treasure Island", this piece sets the scene as Revolution embark on an emotional journey.

Part two - Shiver My Timbers
Also taken from Muppets Treasure Island. Aboard a ship, pirates have to have fun after a battle, or else they walk the plank! So part two of our journey is Rum all around from the captain.

Part three - Songs of the Quays
Classical piece based on the pirates being away from loved ones back at port. The piece has hidden in it more than 7 pieces, all taken from life at sea.

Part 4 - The Victorious Journey
Of course you have to celebrate after a battle that is victorious, returning with treasure, so our reprise of Treasure Island and Songs of the Quays really adds a spectacular ending to our production.Sit back and enjoy the journey!

By Oliver

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