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Show Blog - Academy Brass


Show Blog - Academy Brass

Meet at 7.40am? On a Saturday?! We’re only going to Barnsley! So at some unearthly hour on Saturday morning Revolution were dragging themselves out of their pits to get ready for what we hoped would be a nice sunny competition. Lets face it, it couldn’t get much rainier than Somer Sounds! 

Some people decided to get up and be ready for 6.30 (Damo!), and other members were even on time for once (we’ll mention no names here, it probably won’t happen again). It was looking to be a nice sunny day as we gathered quietly at the Scout Hut.

At 8am we were on our way to Barnsley, via a butty shop of course, and we arrived and started setting out the markers to practice! A few final run throughs saw the trumpets trying to slow down their run to the speed of sound rather than the speed of light, and Jack C joined the rest of the corps-leaving his own show behind! 

Lining up our kit and getting the uniforms out, then promptly being told to move it as someone had decided to have a wedding at the stadium, we started to get ready for our storming performance. Being careful not to expose too much of ourselves to wedding guests, we were ready and in our uniforms in no time. A small mouldy smelly gloves crisis was resolved by Josiah, and Tash decided that woolly gloves were her only option.

After a few minutes warm up we were ready to shake what mamma gave us! The pit started us off brilliantly as they always do, and percussion and bass end came in really strong, we were off!  Guard were looking really good! Finishing in our new pose at the end of Crazy Train we were then bopping away in dirty deeds. Novus saw the return of Josh and his newly recovered lungs to Solo, and was enhanced by our new funky visuals and fantastic work by guard! Breadfan was as fast as ever, with the percussion sounding amazing in their break! On to Paint It Black and we’re nearly done, helped by the addition of Tash backfield, and with Trumpets almost perfecting their run! We marched a fantastic show although I can’t help feeling it didn’t feel as tiring – with the ground being nice and smooth unlike our practice field!

Given a few minutes spare time we were then back at the gates for Muster. Tash had remembered her mouthpiece this time so things were looking good. Proudly playing the National Anthem (remember your sharps!!), then onto the Irish National Anthem (we didn’t play that one!). Then it was results time. High fives all round as the captions were announced and we had won Music Effect, Visual Effect, Ensemble Visual, Wind, and Field Visual. Then the final placings were announced, scores were getting higher and higher, any more than 67.5 and we were going to be promoted……2nd place scored 64.39…’s ok we may not be high enough..…then…. “with 68.4,
Revolution Show Corps”!! We were ecstatic, and shouts of “yeah” and then ‘oh no” could be heard from our supporters as they realised we would now be taking on Division 2! All our hard work at rehearsals had paid off, we were going to be promoted! 

A massive thank you to all our staff, supporters, and everyone who has put in so much effort to make our performance what it was on Saturday……lets keep it up and make it even better for our Division 2 appearances in September……Woop woop!!


By Jess

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