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Show Report & Blog


Show Report & Blog

Revolutions visit to Somer Sounds Comp in Bristol

 Otherwise Known As. 

Revolutions first weekend away of 2008 had arrived, and with the usual Queensbury downpour we packed the coach with everything we had not shoehorned into the trailer. And then waited for Rebecca to return to her house and collect her trumpet. 

A fairly quiet coach trip to Chesterfield followed, with the usual quotes of;

“Tash sit down” 
“What sweets you got Jack?”
“Tash sit down”
“Is that smell you?”
“Tash sit down”
“The roofs leaking on me” 

Congratulations to our coach driver Mark who managed to squeeze the coach into a small car park to allow us to get dressed ready for the parade. Specially invited guests were squeezed into Revolution uniforms, and we were off. The end of a fairly short parade and Trevor had managed to win the new phat lad competition of “What Tune Will We Finish On”. Sadly no prize. 

And as usual when we are outside waiting for something to do, it chucked it down on us. Big thanks to the SJAB for squeezing 30 players into their 6 man tent to shelter from the rain. 

And after Oliver and Trevor had managed to complete the band tradition of “Blagging Our Way Onto The Arena Before Our Time So We Can Get Off Early”,we were entertaining an appreciative audience with our tried and tested static routine. The smaller members of our pit section did a fantastic job of press-ganging even smaller children into playing various strange percussion objects in time with our performance. 

After changing back into civvies we had 20 minutes or so to stuff burgers and ice-cream down our necks, or in Gills and Tracey’s case crack out the sunbeds and catch some rays at the back of the coach. 

Back on the bus and off to Bristol we headed, after a short toilet and cough medicine stop, we arrived at out 0.5 star accommodation. Yes we had to unload the coach so it chucked it down again. 

Beds were set up in world record time, and the more skilful members of the entourage cracked on with chilli, bolognaise and jacket spuds. After tuning in the small black and white TV for the last episode of DR WHO,  The more culinary challenged headed off to Aldi, with a rapidly increasing shopping list for “supplies”. 

Tea was wolfed down, and Stella made her first appearance of the evening.  After several more appearances by Stella the more fragile of the Corps retired to their hotel for the evening. Whilst the more fool hardy attacked hot dogs. Tables cleared and pots washed the fun began. “What is king maggot” asked some very puzzled newbie’s. Oliver kindly demonstrated and there then followed 30 minutes of absolute mayhem with hopping, leaping, running diving, falling, sliding and much giggling. 

1 am approached and all calmed down, only the occasional disturbance caused by;
Gill sleeping bag surfing the full length of the hall.
Seymour getting thirsty at about 1.30.
The phantom chucker upper in the toilet.
Trevors security patrols (inside not outside),armed with torch and cricket bat. 

In the morning special awards were announced,
Loudest Snorer – Greg
Best Sleep Talking – Marc Driver
Noisiest Airbed – David Whiteley
Best Sleeping Like a Starfish – Josiah Sulc  

All breakfasted and showered we loaded the coach and headed off to the contest.
We arrived in fairly bright sunshine and trudged off to the underwater practice field. For some reason we had this sodden piece of ground all to ourselves. 

Nice dry uniforms were pulled on, instruments cleaned and dried off, and we headed to the back of the field to await our performance.

Just as we took to the field the heavens really opened and the weather seemed to worsen for the next 10 minutes. After which the sun came out !!!!!
Now Revolution have a tradition of not letting the weather get the best of them, well you have to when the name of you village website is “It Snows Up Here In June”. The corps pulled off a fantastic performance, with our supporters literally inches from the front line screaming and shouting for all their might.A very emotional corps left the field wet, but proud; to the sound of their supporters and others cheers and encouragement. 

You can tell the weather was bad when one of the judges tapes goes quiet and he is heard on tape to apologise because his “tape player doesn’t work underwater”.

The best comment of the weekend was then heard from one of Stafford Lancers members;
 Do you think they practice in the rain?  Look at our flick’r site chaps. 

Time for the muster, Revolution led the massed corps and bands on to the strains of Anchors Away, and whilst stood waiting for the results to arrive (as usual), and after a little persuasion, we cracked out and performed HOT HOT HOT.  Perhaps other contests should take heed and aim to entertain the public whilst they add up the judges scores???

There then followed one of the strangest but best musters as the marching members were asked by the local police to leave the field due to an approaching thunderstorm. All members crowded to the front of the arena and hurled abuse (sorry encouragement) at the DM’s and FC’s for the next 10 minutes.

The sections were announced and we had pulled off a very creditable 2nd place, just 1.05 points behind first place, congratulations Lancers see you at

The corps remained at the contest and managed to catch the DCUK performances before returning Northwards, with most of the new sleepover members now planning their attendance at the corps September camp.

Roll on Academy Magical Brass

By Trevor

scouts - be prepared...