Monday, 18 November, 2019

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Christmas Carols Totaliser TOTAL


Christmas Carols Totaliser TOTAL

A fantastic total of:


Well done on a great effort this year. Each session was well attended and everyone put themselves out at some point to make it.

Slightly down on last year but not to worry about. The pub run was less mainly because the pubs were empty - maybe because of the smoking ban?

We got double at the Lodge last year as they gave us the raffle money as well due to booking us at the last minute.

The venue today also had bag packers so it was a good amount taking that into account.

Add the grant we got Friday takes us to £3946.82

Monday 24th December £327.05
Sunday 23rd December £570.15
Rob's team £300.06 Olly's Team 258.21
Thursday 20th December £558.27
Sunday 16th Decemeber £471.67
Saturday 15th December £228.02
Thursday 13th December £205.13
Sunday 9th December £484.47
Thursday 6th December £198.15
Sunday 2nd December  £394.91

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