Saturday, 24 August, 2019

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2nd Place at International Marching Band Competition


2nd Place at International Marching Band Competition

The Corps has just returned from a 3 day trip to Ireland, an amazing trip. Despite all the travelling, we had 1st class hospitality which made us feel so welcome.

Setting off at 4am on Friday morning, Holyhead to Dublin, then a drive down to Kinsale, just past Cork. The ferry crossing was clam, no sick bay this time, and everyone was in good spirits.

An evening meal at the Acton Hotel, the menus even had our name on it and welcome to Cork! Once fed & watered we did an impromptu 40 minute set in the town square outside the Jim Edwards bar.

It went down a storm, especially Crazy Train, and was good to have a blow after all that travelling. Back to the hotel and get the younger members asleep. My, Trev & Guy decided to test the Guinness and check it was up to standard. Been bank geeks we had our blue polo’s on, which led us to been accosted by a local telling us how good the band was, and it had made his and many other peoples night. No free beer but really good to hear the positive comments.

Saturday morning, bit of free time, did a bit of culture and visited the Museum of Kinsale, which they did the inquest of the sinking of the Lusitania, and after a quick tour we then had some more free time and found the chocolate shops

Lunch, again no let down, and changed into uniform for a short parade down Kinsale. With 7 coming for Doncaster Danum Scout Band, it was the 1st test of the band on the move.

We then made the 30 mins journey to Cork to get ready for the International Marching Parade Competition. 9 Bands from Germany, France, Sweden, UK (us), Switzerland and Ireland. As we looked down the hill to the start it was packed. We set off and soon stopped, I think it’s a tradition for these type of parades, but we kept playing and entertaining the large crowds. 

At some point we were going to be judged, we were sounding great and everyone getting a buzz off the occasion. Once finished it was onto our free tea, and the results. A 2nd place and an outstanding achievement, there is something about 2nd places this year!

Onto the evening, a tea party arranged by Aidan and posy, with the younger ones drifting off to bed whilst the parents tried to drink Kinsale dry. A great night and great to see 2 bands link up so well.

Sunday, another cooked Irish breakfast, oh it was hard work (not)! Packed, loaded coach, and we said thank you to our guide/host/all right nice guy Stephen Murphy. Presenting him with a band polo, necker and Doncaster woggle, hopefully we showed in a little way how much we appreciated absolutely everything. This guy made our trip and everyone acknowledged with a huge round of applause.

Ireland 2013 – done but never forgotten.

By Oliver

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