Saturday, 24 August, 2019

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Midlands Showdown Report


Midlands Showdown Report

Onto the 2nd Competition of the year, and with it been the following week after the 1st Show, we had limited time on the rehearsal field.

The weather was a howler, backfield as we were ready to go on, 1 of the screens collapsed in the wind with 1 of the legs snapping, the wind was really going for it!

Anyway, from the rehearsal in the morning we'd made several improvements, however I feel we struggle to cope with long distances to the audience.

Onto the performance, visually was a real step up, getting cleaner and plenty of tweaks had gone. Musically was nightmare, we had tempo issues from the off, I think at 1 point we had 5 tempos going on in certain places. The wind & rain was playing havoc. A really determined effort from member's, we certainly don't practise to go out of time! Anyway, it happened and we'll certainly work on it, it's still early season.

Onto the results :

: a real strong section this season.
Field Visual : we were all smug looks at this one.
Ensemble Visual : the visual tweaks helped here.

Visual Effect : ditto !
Percussion : 1st trophy for the section this year, great!

Onto the results, got to the top two, scores are read out with a difference of 0.15.

We bagged 2nd, however an excellent result considering the conditions. 5 trophies and 2nd against 6 other units is a great achievement. Well done everyone.

By Oliver

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