Friday, 15 November, 2019

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Show Report - Barnsley


Bit behind on these!!!

The 4th and final show of the '1st half' of the season. I have kept a comparison for all the scores between Doncaster, Warwick and us. We've be clawing back points at a fast pace, what would Barnsley bring?

The show rehearsal in the morning was the 1st time we had everyone back from holidays, school trips and all that type of stuff, and the new changes were taking effect really well.

Straight to the chase, the performance had some real energy what (mainly due to distance) was hard to pull off at Nottingham. Certain chunks really locked down well, for some reason we had some belting timing issues, I did cause one (woops!) but never done it in rehearsal, strange?

Hands up who forgot to pull the red 'streamers', the odd other little mistake, however there was a real buzz into the final sets of the Show. The bit where you are dead but keep pushing because it feels awesome.

Onto the results and we started plucking off trophies.

Turnout - oh dear we've come last
Colourguard - this always happens :)
Brass - pardon, come again -  great reward for the hard work.
Visual Effect - with a much improved selling of the theme I thought this is what would happen.

Onto the results, 5 in the class. Got to 3rd and still not us. 2nd...Revolution. A very creditable result. 4 trophies, the 1st time since BYBA Finals 2009, and starting to punch at the weight we should be.

The 2nd half will be there before we know it, looking forward to it already !!!

By Oliver

scouts - be prepared...