Friday, 15 November, 2019

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Open Day Review


Open Day Review

On the 1st July, we held an open day for Scouters in Bradford South. In conjunction with the 'Music for Gold' from the Federation, we are always opening our doors to new members. Recently we’ve been quiet on the new member front with a couple learning. So the day was set and the night before I thought if we get 1 new member out of it I'll be happy, not that I don't have the faith, more the fact it has never been tried, and I've only been trying to get it organised for the past 5 years without any buy-in until recently.


1pm came, and the school wasn't open, having had 3 hours sleep due to working nights, I thought it was just my luck, the school thought 1:30pm, we had it booked for 12:30pm, this was a good case of sods law though as cars were pulling up and the place was starting to buzz with activity. So had to do some time delay tactics ;)


We had 2 experts utilising the grant side of things, so the Corps could get on and rehearse and showcase what we were doing in the afternoon. 21 enthusiastic kids were ready, starting with 20 mins each base working round brass, pit & drums. It gave everyone a chance to have a go of something new. The sessions were already showing a lot of promise, a bit worrying what some are taught in music lessons at school, however it can soon be corrected.


A quick break (que the tuck shop) everyone was taken out to watch the 'Senior Corps' rehearse, they were adding visuals to this years show and cleaning chunks of the Show. With the kids watching the Corps marched the 1st two pieces, and arced up for 3 & 4 so they got an idea of the visual and musical side.


Break over with and each person choose a section to stick in for the rest of the afternoon. The challenge was to learn 2 pieces so they could pass their stage 1 musicians badge. After 90 mins I got the call each group was ready and waiting in the hall. Walking in, there was even a large audience of parents eagerly awaiting what they kids had been up to.


Pit - played 2 pieces with 2 parts on the go, the stand for an afternoons work was incredible, thanks to Dave Richards taking them and the Senior's helping out (mainly because we had so many turn up they had to lend them their instruments!_


Drums - 2 pieces again, which included individual parts and some good work utilising a bass drum against a full line of snares. Richard Wilson the creator and great job.


Brass - 1 piece, trying to learn a brass instrument at most in 2 hours, however a group together played the 'F & G March' which for a 1st attempt, thanks to Clarkey working his magic.

By Oliver

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