Saturday, 24 August, 2019

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Show Report - Nottingham


Show Report - Nottingham

With only a week between the 1st & 2nd Show, we had zero rehearsal time as the Friday night was an 18th birthday. I thought in the long run it would be better the party being on the Friday as we would all have clear heads on Sunday. On leaving the party Friday night the local river had burst its banks, so it would have been a very wet rehearsal, so not too much missed !!


The day before we set to building new props, our 1st attempt had failed due to wind, and huge flags. 5 props built and painted in an afternoons work. On leaving we double checked the paint pots, 4 to 6 hours touch dry.


Sunday morning I arrived the usual 1/2 hr before everyone else to get things sorted in place, on inspecting the props they were still wet. Sending Trev a text on the lines, 'oh chuff', I decided to leave Michelle off as I knew she'd be having kittens. Anyway, we got them onto the coach, I now had black hands along with a couple of others, not a great start to the day but it's all part of the fun.


The actual Show performance I felt was better in places, and rougher in other parts. The venue field is a long way from the front, or it certainly felt like it, although the same for everyone. Due to the rain over the weekend the field in places was covered in sand, not ideal but not the fault of the organsiers, you can't book the weather!!


Onto the results, the Colourguard kept their 100% record, scores improved in just about all the sections, and we closed the gap on Doncaster and Warwick, plenty of ideas to keep working on and pushing forward. Another step forward, with a couple of weeks to Barnsley.

By Oliver

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