Friday, 15 November, 2019

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St Georges Day


44 lined up for our annual stomp through Bradford City Centre. This year we had good friends Halifax BBGB as our support act ;)

Marching from the car park, in single file we managed a rather long impressive line, so long the impatient taxi driver was honking as more and more members came from around the corner.

This year it was rather damp, so damp half the Band sneaked into the police station, lucky for us we had no matches on Bradford most wanted.

At the starters orders we sent Halifax first, those capes look good but a bit daft (can I say that?) anyway we were soon off, aiming to play & march like gods. This year we were getting inspected for our offical Scout Band rating, anything from A to F. If you get an F your only allowed to play indoors, maybe this would be a good thing on days like today? (we're still awiting the rating, will post when we get it).

On arrival at the Cathedral, we had to do a Fanfare, so a quick blast of our piece, aptly named 'Fanfare' and the new flag was proudly sailing in the breeze.

Now I blame Bear Grylls and Kate Middleton for having no seat, no they weren't sat in my seat, but since getting involved with Scouting numbers have shot through the roof. So half the Band had to stand, playing musical chairs inbetween the service.

Once outside, we were leading, and the drums on a tight leash to stick to 120bpm, with Pete checking - was he secretly listening to the GP? Anyway we had a steady tempo and in full flow.

Now, I did my favourtie trick and came in with the wrong piece, I put it down to noticing a large puddle out the corner of my eye, anyway, I didn't get the full Band to change this time, I really need to stop doing this!

At the Centeary Square we landed first, and watch Halifax and the drumming (?) group pass, then a quick blat of General Salute, we were done.

Quick picture with the Lord Mayor, then back to my house for a BBQ, but due to rain, an indoor one, still a good social and a great end to the day.

Thanks everyone.

Corps Director

Need pics to add, please send them me!!

By Oliver

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