Monday, 18 November, 2019

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Otley Carnival


The last time we played at this event was 2003, and my good memory tells me I was on Sousa, those were the days!

The event is always well lined with a good crowd and plenty of atmosphere. This year didn't disappoint. With Saturday workings Ben & Hannah arrived after the parade set off (not a first, when did we do this last?) However as we were bringing up the rear, they slotted in as the drums set us off.


We had the 'leg'end' Mr Arfur on mace duties, always full of showmanship and plays the crowd suberbly. Our senior tuck shop officer (retired) Jack Lynch was blowing sweets down mellophone, and Helen was out of semi retirement to tell us about her aches and pains. Reg arrived to play the biggest instrument (was it in the trailer, who knows!) and ended carrying the lightest gadget on parade, Ben's march pad. We had Leanne who last played (properly) when TVs had to be warmed up and black & white looked amazing. That just left the pie monster/conersier Mr Clarky helping out the phat lads, and keeping the pies warm under his hat.


The route had been shorted by probobaly a third since we last did it, much more manageable and the weather was just nice, occasional cloud and not too hot for us Queensbury folk who melt if it gets to 20 degrees.

The parade went without a hitch, and been downhill I didn't have to give Seymour the kiss of life at the end. We had 1 hour to relex, then the arena peformance. A good spot and Arfur did a good job entertining the audience. Libby (my 3 year old daughter) decided she wanted to come on too, I'm usually against this type of thing as it can look bleak, but stood next to Megan she blended in perfect and totally enjoyed it, she's counting down before she can join!

Thanks to everyone for an enjoyable day and another to cheque for the coffers.

By Oliver

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