Monday, 18 November, 2019

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Progress Update


Progress Update

Having had two recent performances, here's an update of the progress so far for this season. 

2011 Show
We have changed direction from 2010, this year we will return to a more familiar style and theme. The 'Eye Spy' concept is really coming together for all sections especially the drums. We have progressed much quicker than we expected, mainly due to having 2 'music days', and the full package of music been available to all the sections at the same time. We're already looking into beefing up phrases, anything to keep the mellophones busy. 

Visually, we started back in March and have around 6 or 7 minutes played and marched. However we've had a break due to parades & bank holidays, we'll be back outside next week and ploughing on to get the job done.

St George's
Day – Sunday 17th April
We lined up with 35+ members on parade for the Scouting event.  It's good to have a break for doing 100% competition 'mode', and it was a lovely hot sunny day. With 3 bands on show we did ourselves proud and looked smart and played really well (once the drummers had clamed down the tempo!) 

I was really happy at the end we played in front of the parade as they disbursed the full show without music, a good effort by everyone to have a really good attempt in public. OK the odd bar had some improvisation, however to the average spectator we put on a really good performance, even me who had to conduct ! Well done to Rory, Kyle, Kian and Stephen who were venturing out with us for on their 1st event. 

To finish the day off, there was a BBQ at my house, a good 40 people to feed, just how it should be with the serious stuff complete, time to socialise (something we're very good at). You know when there is a social, JJ always rocks up! 

St Georges Day #2 – Saturday 23rd April
Bradford Council booked us for the official day, for those who know Bradford; it was on a temporary bandstand in Centenary Sq and mic'ed up, a scary thought for the baritones. 

Having signed a contact, a bit scary and official, we set about the night before learning a couple of pieces. Fear not we had enough for playing 50 minutes of music, and still having 3 in reserve.  

Another excellent performance, this time in jeans and polos it was a really good spot and the organisers thanked us for a good job, along with promoting our Contest for us. 

This brings us nicely onto the Contest, having had to change venues and dates due to the Bulls pulling the plug saying their U2s were playing (OK U 13s) to say we were disillusioned was an understatement, for those who know me, I don't suffer fools. 

A new venue has been found and approved (1/2 a mile away), with a 1,200 seater stadium. This will give the venue a much more closer feel, and is ample for what we require. We're trying to wind the years back, when a Contest was more than turn up – rehearse – rehearse more – play – go home. So what out for the added attractions. Andrew Clarke (Clarkey) has done a remarkable job with the sponsorship so we are in profit before we start. 

A couple more bands won’t go a miss, however we have no fear from the Bands that take part, they will spread the word of a 1st class event. 

Camp – Finally !
We have camp in a couple of weeks, the target is to have all the music & visual completed and done an amount of cleaning. If we are to learn anything from 2010, it's when we put it together we have to start at a much higher level of attainment and execution. Everything we have done so far has been good, lets keep it going. I'm sure the 5th of June will be here before we know it !

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By Oliver

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