Friday, 15 November, 2019

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Reciew of Party Night & Remembrance Day


Reciew of Party Night & Remembrance Day

Don't think we could do two more events at the opposite ends of the spectrum. The first being Party Night (big hair let down), the second Remembrance Day (formal engagement, the importance doesn't need explaining!)

End of Season Party & Awards Night
It feels like a distant memory since Finals. However the night was kicked off with the Junior Drum playing along with the backing music (from the brass section) to 'A-Team'. An excellent performance considering limited time spent with the brass. They kept time like seasoned pros and a credit to Matty for making excellent progress with these youngsters who have only been coming a handful of weeks.

On the microphones we had Trev & Matty like a double act going through the year with the theme of 'firsts'. too many to list but includes 1st time we've been abroad for a fiver, 1st time we've had to help steer the coach & 1st time we've been that late for a parade we've joined at the back still on the coach.

Next was the Colourguard who performed excellent in the dark, dressed in all black with white face masks (having not seen the rehearsals) it looked very professional and well-rehearsed, I was very pleased and surprised.

Drums we on next playing a bass drum ‘beating’ involving all the drumline, again well rehearsed and it kept Aiden quiet for 2 minutes. 

Member of the Year – this went to Megan spencer, a 9 year old trumpet player who has wowed the judges and her Instructors on the progress she has made and how well she has done coming into a Band in division 1. Well done Megan. 

This left the brass to perform a new piece ‘ Tusk’ then finish off the night with ‘Sing Sing Sing’ which we resurrected with it been our 30th year, and our most well-known piece through the 90s. with Matty on the drum kit he was under the close eye of former member turned drum tutor Richard Wilson, after the 1st rendition we soon press ganged Rich to get behind our new shiny drum kit. A great way to finish off the night in style.

Remembrance Day
It always starts a few weeks before phoning the phat lads to fill our bari and bass section. This year was no disappointment as Mr Soup responded to the telegram. Also we had a couple of extra to fill out the brass section to a 20 strong sound. We did have a man down literally, as Josh fell down the steps at work on the night before, so we let him stay at home – in the warmth! 

As ever it was a freezing cold day, the sun was out but made little difference. We were joined on parade by a soldier who had just returned from Afghanistan the day before, which all added to the importance of the day. 

The Band paraded from the Scout Headquarters to the Cenotaph. Mike played the Last Post really well, and then we paraded to the church where we tried to get warm. You don’t realise how warm it is in church until you come out which it is even colder. We parade back to the Scout Hut and finished the parade off well. All was left was 34 of us to raid the carvery at the local pub, to get warm and fill up :)

By Oliver

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