Friday, 15 November, 2019

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Academy Brass Review


Academy Brass Review
With the last Show being 3 weeks ago, we had since done 2 parades, had a Sunday off to relax, and then tried to rehearse in a gale! I don't think you could say we were over prepared, on the day of the show the rehearsal was mainly in stops and starts as we cleaned and added new visuals. 

Onto the performance, first on in the class is never easy. Having watched the video it was definitely our best musical performance of the season. The show didn't die as early, making it all the way pretty much without stamina causing havoc.
 Visually we are weak at the moment, something I hope the members can put right over the summer. Whilst I don't totally agree with the scores we need to give the judges a difficult task, at the moment we are making it too easy to knock us. 

I was really pleased coming 3rd behind The Company and Kidsgrove on ensemble music. We also had encouraging results on musical  effect. Drill aka field visual is a disaster and like a handicap at the moment. Plenty of plans to sort the issue over the summer, we've not turned bad over night having won this pretty much all last season in Div 2, mainly the show is very demanding and it's not clean. 

On the whole very pleased, we've come a long way, 2 yrs ago at this competition we were still in Division 3, 1 month ago the show was very ropey, now its readable and coming to life. Looks like it could be a busy summer! 
Corps Director

By Oliver

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