Friday, 15 November, 2019

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Blog Update


As we come to the summer visual camp, here's a blog from myself. I don't think we have been so busy since Finals last October (in summary) :-

Remembrance Day
Christmas Carols raising 3K
Music Away Day
30th Anniversary Celebration
Tour to Ireland - St Patrick's Day for 3 days
3 x St Georges Day Parades

We moved outside in March and have made progress with the visual side. Learning 2 more minutes of show doesn't sound much, however it means learning an extra 4 mins when adding the music and show together.

As we have been so busy, the show feels fragmented at the moment, we can do bits of part 1 to 4 however they have not been recapped or done with everyone. My goal for the Corps is to knuckle down at Camp and make some massive steps.

Also over the weekend we'll be focussing in our Corps values, whilst its Division 1 we'll be sticking to our guns and ensuring everyone enjoys performing the show.

Finally, we're hoping to restart the Juniors over the coming weeks which is a major challenge however we'll reap the benefits longer term. We've already put a lot of planning together so we hit the ground running.

The next 4 weeks may go rather quick!

Corps Director

By Oliver

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