Saturday, 24 August, 2019

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BYBA Finals Review


BYBA Finals Review

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Revolution Show Corps
A very strong sense of the pirate theme was obvious straight away, put across both visually and musically. This was helped by the creative guard helping to sell the ideas that were associated with the theme. Brass arrangements used good intertwining phrasing and nuances woven in and out of the second number, “Song Of The Quays” and the feelings evoked

were used to provide entertainment value through strength in the music and visual books, the guard took up the colour and affect by introducing the sails of the boat as we left port. Noticeably the balance in all sections and control used through the whole theme really sold the theme to the audience.

Revolution have been developing their style for a few years now - they have taken on each year a story telling role and are now more than

competent at what they do. 1st - 81.83 (9.5).

Captions won Colour Guard, Field Wind, Ensemble Visual, Ensemble Music and Musical Effect.

Another very competitive class where the top three were only separated by 2.3 on the day, the greater understanding of their show put Revolution on top.


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