Saturday, 24 August, 2019

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Finals Review + Season Roundup


Finals Review + Season Roundup

The night before Finals we went bowling and ended up chatting about 'could we do it'…. if only! The bowling was a good laugh and I won, well came 2nd as I didn't want Phil upset.

On the day we changed things around and rehearsed before setting off to the venue. This gave us the benefit of using our usual rehearsal venue rather than guessing on what we would end up with down there. We had a really good rehearsal fixing some major issues which had crept in mainly at the end of Songs of the Quays. That aside the Show was looking like it was ready for National Champions, would the members be able to perform it?

51 seater coach and 51 bums on seats, off we set for Coventry. A sunny day for a change was welcome; last year was like a monsoon on the way down.
Back field Warwick sounded really good, marching on was a mixture of emotions, mainly thinking we've got one go at this, lets nail it. Now the Finals DVD has turned up which has helped reviewing the performance. Without going into a tune by tune account, we sounded really musical which was very pleasing. Often the sound can be a bit tinny and not sound good on the ear, I thought it came across really well. The visual show looked sharp and all the changes looked fresh and really added to give it the Finals edge.

The DVD this year was better than most, special mention to Becca as it zooms in whilst she goes slightly wrong and gives herself a chunter! My favourite part, the cross overs in Songs of the Quays look fab. The whole show for the Division really moves well and looks very demanding. Coming off everyone seemed ecstatic, definitely a better vibe than the last Competition, that's all you can ask for, to go out 'perform' and 'entertain'.

Come the results we were lined up against Warwick, I did think it one be one of us on top of the moon, and another down in the dumps. Early trophies went to Upton (maybe a dark horse?) We then got the next couple, and Warwick also pitched in. To the score and it was more or less 3 points between 3rd to 1st place.I had everything crossed, you could feel the tension, WE DID IT !

Division 2 National Champions
Division 2 League Champions
6 out of 6 Wins

Woop woop!! Red Patch, shiny silver pin badge thing and one of the best memories ever! Here we come Division 1, fasten your set belts and watch Revolution fly away!

By Oliver

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