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Welcome to the page dedicated to the Juniors of the band.
To provide a learning programme for Juniors aged 8+, to
o   teach an instrument of their choice and learn to read music,
o   achieve a level of flagwork, dance and movement and coordination within a performance ensemble.
Male or female, aged 8 + we accept all those willing to give it a go.
Free for the first 4 weeks. Juniors subscriptions are £2 a week collected weekly, no charge if they don’t attend. The Seniors is £15 by standing order.
What You Get
Free loan of an instrument (£20 returnable deposit required)
Small group tuition with at least 20 minutes directed at your level. All Instructors have a vast about of experience, and have a great deal of knowledge. Many have gone through the system themselves as a youngster.
What We Do
Typically for those learning brass, drums or pit a short burst of practice daily is required to progress. You record what you have done and a weekly task is set so learning is enjoyable and you can see the progress been made.
Your Journey
Musically from scratch, it should take approximately 6 months to achieve a level where you can start mixing with the Senior Band with warm-ups, short pieces and hymns. Those who are able to put the practise in become great little players. The Senior Band does Competitions, Galas and travels abroad such as Ireland, Holland and Belgium.
Skills Gained
What you can learn can help develop though into adult life, possibly define a career path and almost certainly remain with you as a lasting level of your passion for excellence with a top class show band.
Like riding a bike, you never forget how to read and play music, you can pass these skills onto others. Within the Corps you can make friendships, be part of a great team, your confidence will grow and your self-esteem. Be part of it now!


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